This is wonderful. Honestly, when I travel abroad I discover myself. Every Time its different city, culture, people and different taste. One of my dream country Switzerland. Still to visit…

I Love Me

Yes thats true. I love myself. But don’t think I’m selfish. Once someone told me to love yourself and then love everyone. You need to love yourself then you will be able to love everyone 🙂


I’m a techie addict for sure. I’m always love to get most recent gadgets. I’m big fan of Google. Anything made by Google or Google contributed I must need to use it.

Stay in touch

Its easy to get connected nowaday. Its like wifi no matter how far you are, you have Facebook, Twitter, Skypee, WhatsApp etc. So I call it connected by wifi 😀

It’s Elegantly Responsive

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  • Smart 50%
  • Flexible 80%
  • Beautiful 40%

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